Many a player has wondered to themselves, is poker a game of chance or skill? After watching poker tournaments and trying your hand at poker games online and in person, you may be wondering if your wins are a result of your brilliant skill, or if your losses can be accounted to bad luck. The truth is that both play a part in poker, but with a strategy, you can make your own luck and enhance your skill. The real question, how? There are many online strategists promising to boost your poker skills exponentially by getting you to follow a simple formula, many more who say they can help you unlock your luck, but which are charlatans and which really do have a way of getting you to win at poker more often?






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Is poker a game of chance or skill – an experiment

Many more people than you would imagine have found themselves, at some point or another wondering, is poker a game of chance or skill? The only way to really determine the correct answer is to do an experiment. Let us suppose that there were two players at an online poker room. They both received the same cards, made the same wagers and had the same skill levels, yet one lost his game and the other won. Would this be because of luck? Certainly. That would be the only explanation for it. The problem in this comes in that, if both subjects had different skill levels and one won while the other lost, would luck still play a factor?

Luck is on your side

Skills has to play a part in every person’s method of playing poker, since it is your experience and the knowledge you have that will make you choose one card over another, to fold or to keep playing. But there is no way to discount the place that luck has in all of this. Sometimes luck will be with you. Other times it won’t and no matter how brilliant you are with the cards, if you’re having a poor luck day, there is no way to save it.

So skill doesn’t help?

People sometimes make the incorrect assumption that luck is all you need. While it is a factor that can contribute to a win, if you don’t have skill, you will lose poker games more times than you win them. This has been statistically proven in a number of studies, and many players have found that despite wanting to win and studying up on poker strategies, they just can’t make a dent in their losing streak. So is poker a game of chance or skill? It’s both actually, and if you keep this in mind, you may win more often. Skill is what you need when you play at our top 5 editors pick.

Recreational Poker

People are often in casinos or playing games online, and many people do it just for fun and some entertainment.  Some people do take it to extremes and unfortunately can sit at a casino all day and all night, and practically throw their money away.  Other people have better control and limit themselves to so much money a day or weekend.  Obviously, the more you play the better you become at understanding the game and hands that are played, you become more tactical and strategic, and this increases your feeling of winning – your confidence is boosted.  The end result is that the more you win, the more you play.  However, many people try really hard to play a strategic game, but they don’t quite get there.  They stand out from the people that play poker professionally, and they can be considered recreational poker players. We found all this information at a casino bonus guide called Bonus Mob.

A person playing for fun, recreational poker players, play the game because they can and they play in hope of remaining in the game and winning.  Professional poker players play the game very differently – they consider much more when playing the game than recreational poker players do.  Recreational poker players do not think about things like pot odds or count outs, the rely on the right card coming out at the right time.  Another big difference is that recreational players want to remain in the game and try avoid folding – where professional players would rather fold. If you have no skill and want to play the best odds, play blackjack, find out more here.

Recreational poker players do understand the intimate workings of the game, and they do not understand how to influence the game and the other players.  By understanding how to influence the game they are able to alter the behaviour of the other players, therefore helping their own game.  Poker is not an easy game and to understand how to play and consider all the aspects of the game are difficult.  If you want to start changing the way you play from the more recreational play to the more professional play, start thinking and considering your game more and more next time instead of being so concerned with remaining in the game.